Orlando Traffic Infractions A Violations Attorney

Orlando Traffic Infractions And Violations Attorney

A traffic ticket, whether it is a small fine for speeding or a more serious penalty for reckless driving, can become an unduly burden that weighs on the mind and the pocketbook of the offender. With the traffic-filled roads and long stretches of crowded highways that make up Central Florida, traffic tickets are on the rise and the police are cracking down on enforcing the laws of the road.

With much of my time spent in the courtroom, I have experience in traffic court and I have seen all types of traffic infractions come before a judge.


Countless times I have seen people try to fight their traffic violation in court without legal representation and countless times I have witnessed these people being shut down by the court. As your attorney, I will use my knowledge of traffic law and the traffic court system to represent you in all aspects concerning your traffic ticket. Whether you merely want to avoid having points on your license or you want to fight the infraction you have been charged with, I will represent you diligently and I will give my best effort to protect you against any penalties you may face.

Can A Traffic Violation Be A Serious Offense?

What may seem like a minor traffic violation can in fact substantially affect a person’s driving record. Even a person being cited with their first traffic ticket, be it for speeding or any other traffic violation, can be subject to having points on their license. If you are issued points on your license due to a traffic offense, your auto insurance rates can and often will increase. A more serious traffic offense or an accumulated number of traffic offenses may even lead to an individual’s license to be suspended.

Whether the traffic violation is a minor offense or of a more serious nature, it is important to discuss your situation with a trained attorney who has experience in handling traffic cases like me. A traffic violation could result in excessive consequences and it is therefore important to know all the options that are available in order to take the best action in resolving the infraction.

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Whether you have been cited with a minor traffic infraction or have been a given court date for a more serious driving offense, I urge you to consult with me online or by calling 407-233-3210 or 888-778-7638 toll free. I take cases in Orange, Osceola, Brevard, Seminole, Volusia, Lake, Polk and all of Central Florida. During you free, initial consultation, we can discuss your circumstances and legal options privately and in confidence.

If we agree that I am the right attorney to defend you, I will represent you aggressively and to the fullest extent of the law.

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