Technical Violation of Probation in Orlando

They Say I ‘Technically Violated’ My Probation. What Does This Mean?

A technical violation of probation is when a probationer either fails to do something ordered by the court as part of his or her probation, or does something that is prohibited.

Technical violations are often seemingly minor mistakes or oversights that may seem trivial to the person accused of violating probation, but can result in serious consequences all the same.

Common technical violations of probation include:

  • Changing address or employment without permission

  • Failing to pay fines, restitution, supervision or court costs
  • Missing or being late to a scheduled probation meeting
  • Failing to file a monthly probation report
  • Leaving county or state jurisdiction without permission
  • Failing to complete court-ordered counseling programs, classes or community service
  • Failing to submit to, or pass, a drug or alcohol test
  • Missing curfew
  • Lying to a probation officer or the court

Probation Arrest Lawyer Serving Osceola, Orlando And All Of Orange County

Whether your probation began after an arrest and conviction for a drug offense, aggravated assault, firearms violation or other crime, failing to observe even a single probation requirement can result in your suffering significant penalties, including being sentenced to serve your original jail or prison sentence.

Fortunately, both prosecutors and judges tend to be more lenient with technical violations of probation than substantive violations, which involve being arrested for an additional crime while on probation.

Nevertheless, violating probation rarely results in a “slap on the wrist.” Because of this, it is important that you retain an experienced probation violation defense attorney to fight for your rights at a violation of probation (VOP) hearing.

Whenever possible, I will prove that you are innocent of any wrongdoing, that you fully complied with your probation or that evidence to prove you violated probation is lacking.

Failed A Drug Test While On Probation? I Can Help!

Accusations of probation violations have serious consequences, but you are not helpless to their consequences. You can fight back.

Contact the Law Office of Jessica Travis, P.A., in Orlando, Florida, and I can meet with you confidentially, discuss your options and help you limit — or eliminate — any negative consequences of an alleged probation violation.

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