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People who are on probation feel that they are constantly walking on eggshells. One small mistake can result in a probationer serving a full sentence and having diminished rights.

Through my criminal defense practice at the Law Office of Jessica Travis, P.A., in Orlando, Florida, I tenaciously defend my clients against allegations of both technical and substantive violations of probation.

As a former criminal prosecutor with thousands of cases under my belt, I use my knowledge to anticipate the strategies prosecutors will use and work against them proactively.

As your Orlando probation violation lawyer, I can represent you at your violation of probation (VOP) hearing and protect you against the serious consequences you face, whether your charge was a felony or a misdemeanor. I will meet with you, listen to your concerns and explain your options for avoiding significant penalties whenever possible.

Are Probation Violations Serious?

If you are on probation in Florida, you already know your freedom is restricted. Although you are not in jail, you are obligated to inform the probation officer when you change addresses and whether you have paid fines, completed community service hours or broken any laws.

You may also be required to observe a curfew, remain in your home while being electronically monitored, refrain from drinking alcohol or taking illegal drugs, or observe any of the many other restrictions that can used to control your behavior.

While probation conditions may sometimes seem trivial, any failure to comply may lead to a judge issuing an arrest warrant against you. There is danger in this: Because you have already been sentenced to probation, you will have fewer legal protections than before. In fact, many of your constitutional rights are suspended while you are on probation.

Even if you think you violated your probation, it is wise to discuss your situation only with a trained probation defense lawyer like me, Jessica Travis. Admitting fault to law enforcement, even if your intent is to be seen as cooperative, could result in serious consequences, including jail or prison time.

Substantial And Technical Violation Lawyer Service Orange County

Whether your probation violation resulted from a failure to observe a condition of your probation, or by allegedly committing a drug offense, gun violation or some other crime, I urge you to consult with me online or by calling 407-233-3210 or 888-778-7638 toll free.


During your free, initial consultation, we can discuss your circumstances and legal options privately and in confidence.

If we agree that I am the right attorney to defend you, I will represent you aggressively and to the fullest extent of the law.

Orlando Probation Violation Lawyer

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